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Explore the world with local guides

Explore the world with local guides



Sensimilia (Athens, Greece)

A very cozy and relaxed environment, like you are visiting Jamaica! You have so many cocktail choices (Try the Brazilian Passion Cocktail) and they always serve you popcorn as a starter with your drink. They also have a beautiful Roof bar, perfect to enjoy the view of Panormou while listening to the music choices of the dj!They open at 11 in the morning so you can go for a nice greek coffee t...

One city. One day. One experience. Many memories.

Explore with us beautiful city Lučenec, where you will find historical places next to the modern buildings. Yes this is the Lučenec - ONE CITY-ONE DAY- ONE EXPERIENCE- MANY MEMORIES!

Moom 57

It is a bar in the day and a disco in the night. The outdoor terrace is amazing, you have to visit it is you come to Coruña. You can drink something while you are looking the sea and the Hercules Tower.

Dique do Tororó, Salvador, Brazil

The Dique do Tororó is the only natural wellspring of the city of Salvador, state of Bahia, in Brazil, listed by the Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage.


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